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Tidskriften TAUKO No. 3

Tidskriften TAUKO No. 3

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Tauko är en underbar tidskrift, tjock som ett riktigt magasin, och full med bilder, inspiration, mönster och artiklar. Med moderna modeller och inspirerande bilder är tidskriften inspirerande – både för nybörjaren och sömnadsproffset!

Detta tredje nummer av TAUKO innehåller 12 sömnadsmönster med instruktioner och bilder – tidlösa modeller skapade av designers runt hela världen i mjuk lin, siden, jersey och denim. Alla mönster kommer i nio storlekar med bystvidd 78cm – 146cm.

Förutom sömnadsmönster innehåller TAUKO No.3 även inspirerande artiklar och bilder.

Designers i TAUKO No.3:
Brittany Bumb, Oroma Cookey-Gam, Ivona Fodora, Rebekah Foley-Read, Sophie Hines,
Jess Lucas, Gaëlle Martin, Mila Moisio, Lisa Oberländer, Johanna Morris, Kaisa Rissanen
Artiklar, noveller och kolumner:
Mapping Vintage – Mila Moisio in conversation with Liisa Jokinen
Craft Letters: From the San Francisco Bay with Love by Sadie Egan
Over-All-Over maker story by Lisa Oberländer
Essay about Clothing and Identity by Carolyn Denham
Column “Lessons in Value from Leona’s Quilt” by Katrina Rodabaugh
Article “Who Wants Dead White Man’s Clothes?” by Aja Barbe

Mer information om just detta nummer kommer snart!

Mer om Tauko:

TAUKO Magazine is a pioneering independent print publication for home sewists and fashion and culture lovers, who have a big heart for the planet. It has its headquarters in Helsinki and Berlin and is founded and published by art researchers, fashion designers, makers, and passionate fighters for planetary wellbeing, Kaisa Rissanen and Mila Moisio. Its international network of contributors, designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators share the need to bring mindful and beautiful work to the world.

Each issue features more than 10 sewing pattern designs created by celebrities and newcomers from the sewing community. A carefully curated selection makes design clothing accessible to anyone willing to try out sewing and learn new skills. With actual-size paper patterns, easy guidelines, agile images, and illustrations, we wish to make the sewing experience empowering, exciting and fun. The vast horizon of crafts, culture, and climate is featured in interviews, columns, articles, tips, and recommendations by our international contributors.

TAUKO Magazine continues our story of finding new, regenerative, and empowering ways to celebrate design and clothes. It’s a start for positive system change. Our background is in running an awarded sustainable fashion brand, and we’ve become very familiar with design, pattern making, collection presentation, international fashion weeks – learning how clothing matter only when there is a personal connection to it.

Observera att detta nummer publiceras 11 april och kommer att skickas från Tygverket då. 


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